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International Students

Class: Spring, Fall

Chinese language requirements: Listening, Speaking, Rreading, Writing

Other documents as required by individual departments:

  1. Applicants who did not graduate from colleges in Chinese-speaking areas should submit a certificate of the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL, formerly known as TOP) with a rating of LEVEL 5 or other equivalent proof of Chinese proficiency (e.g. proof of relevant courses taken, etc.).
  2. Applicants must submit two sealed letters of recommendation.


  1. Tel: +886-49-2910960 ext. 3801
  2. Email: hcheng@ncnu.edu.tw
  3. 🔗National Chi Nan University Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Department characteristics:

  1. The purpose of this program is to provide high-quality training and guidance for qualified students who are interested in teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language at colleges and universities. The course design guides students to enrich their knowledge of Chinese language and culture, Chinese language teaching pedagogy, to develop bilingual teaching ability in Chinese and English or any other foreign language, and integrate scientific and technological information into teaching skills.
  2. The key feature is the training courses for teaching internships at home and abroad, which is designed step by step to strengthen students' experience in the teaching environment of Chinese as a second language as well as foreign language, enhance cross-cultural communication skills, and expand international perspectives. In terms of academic research, students choose a professional knowledge as a research objective. Research objects include Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese art, communication language, multimedia and online teaching, textbook compilation, and Chinese language teaching methods. Upon graduation from this program, students will master more than one effective major.